September 6, 2012 Towpath Boy Scout Roundtable Meeting Notes

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I’d like to thank Kip Webster from Troop 10 for taking the time to compile these and submit them to me.

I. Introductions ‘round the room

II. Announcements:

Towpath Merit Badge Midway Proposal

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Our council, our district and the units within our district have all done an excellent job promoting and providing camping opportunities for our boys. As we know, scouting_heritage_mb_300the outdoor experience – camping, hiking, etc… – represents a critical path for boys to learn leadership and other skills for life.

But we also know Boy Scouts is more than just camping. Indeed, the capstone of any Boy Scout’s career is the Eagle Scout project – an activity that emphasizes leadership and community service and may or may not include an outdoor element.

BSA offers boys a path of discovery beyond outdoor activities that may influence the direction of one’s Eagle Continue Reading “Towpath Merit Badge Midway Proposal”