September 6, 2012 Towpath Boy Scout Roundtable Meeting Notes

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I’d like to thank Kip Webster from Troop 10 for taking the time to compile these and submit them to me.

I. Introductions ‘round the room

II. Announcements:

  • Rob Hill – Merit Badge University Coordinator
  • Doug Reynolds – Challenge Trophy Camporee 10/19 – 21, patches are in the scout store, if you want to come, contact Doug
  • OA – Chapter Adviser – Kent Palmer.  If you want OA elections in your unit, please contact Kent.  Contact list was sent around for updating.  Chapter Chief is interested in having youth meetings.  Chapter Chief will be contacting youth OA rep in your Troop.  It will be at the Mormon Temple on Kreag rd.  Next ordeal is 10/5 – 7.  Fellowship will be at the same time.
  • Craig Kaplan – NYLT past Scoutmaster.  Course 4 is available (first time) in October, two weekends.  Has best staff and best youth staff.  This course will run.  SM can nominate them.  Course deadline of 9/15 but is flexible.  This is a peak experience for a scout!  Flyers available
  • Robert Fitch – recipient of District award of merit this past year.
  • Dave Cheney – Senior DE now!  Passed around list of Troop contacts for updating.
  • Wayne Brock will be here for Eagle celebration.  Available to everyone (you don’t have to be an Eagle scout to attend).  Hoping to have 800 Eagle scouts.  Will be at Rochester Riverside Convention Center.  On October 10.
  • Venturing Palooza – admission is “bring a friend”.
  • Recruiting – materials available from Dave.  Great ideas on how to recruit!
  • Rechartering – packets out at October Roundtable.  Will be moved up a month.  Lapsed unit as of December 31.  Earlier is better.  There will be two rechartering events.  Materials sent to Craig Kaplan.
  • Popcorn is selling now.  Extra sheets available.
  • Robert Fitch – new course – advanced outdoor leader skills.  (after IOLS)  to give adult leaders the experience to have confidence taking youth into the back woods.  Must have taken IOLS first.  Most of the course in the Finger Lakes National Forest.
  • IOLS coming up.  Two Saturday course (maybe Sunday) at Powder Mill Park.  Coming up at end of September.
  • Website is not accurate for training.  Next Roundtable will have an up to date training schedule in the rechartering packet.
  • MBU is coming up.  Need more MB counselors.  towpathmbu@gmail to volunteer.  Want to offer something for adult leaders (training, MB training).  Need extra volunteers for new scouts (like trailblazers)  first class, second class indoor training.  Date is not set yet, working with St John Fisher.  Send an email to towpathmbu@gmail to get on the distribution list.  If you send counselors from your troop, your troop can register early.
  • New Merit Badges – need new MB counselors.  Looking for Search and Rescue folks.  Cindy Proano – Advancement.  Eagle scouts beginning projects must use new workbook.  More involved than just the workbook.  New forms, fundraising has some new rules.  Cindy willing to speak about this to your troop.
  • Chris – one year from now he will be out of Roundtable leadership role.

III. Group discussion for planning Roundtable discussions: Each person wrote three topics for this year.  Each table narrow ideas to top five ideas. Here are the raw results:

  • Omni – Recruitment – cub scouts, non-cub boys, adult leaders
  • BSA in the news – how to deal with questions from the Troop? Publicity
  • Scouts with learning disabilities
  • Review of leadership positions for youth and adult – what are they?
  • Committee participation ideas
  • Presentations on BS summer programs
  • Campout potluck –everyone bring his or her favorite campout, use map.
  • Financing and budgets – troop experience, what are the rules?
  • Dealing with a difficult leader
  • Boy Leader training within the Unit – TLT and what works, specific examples from each Troop
  • News Issues – what does it mean to us?
  • Develop DB for camping opportunities – low cost resources.
  • Troop finances

IV. We then combined some topics and created this  year’s schedule, including identifying who is in charge of each month’s program. These kind folks become the de facto Roundtable staff for this year.

  • October – BSA in the news & publicity.  Phil Ciufo coordinating.
  • November – (need leader for Roundtable, Chris at diving), TLT Roundtable – how each Troop uniquely trains boy leaders, Andy Gates leading meeting and coordinating
  • December – Holiday party
  • January – Summer activities.  Rob Phipps coordinating.
  • February – Eagle project workbook and process.  Cindy Proano coordinating.
  • March – Campout Potluck Roundtable – Go-to database – use a map.  Share great campout stories.  Bob Bower coordinating.
  • April – Omni – recruiting – cub scouts, non-cub scouts, and adult leaders.  Roundtable – everyone bring ideas.  Larry Filipski coordinating.
  • May – Finances and budgets.  Bring your Treasurer.  Spencer Jones coordinating.
  • June – end of year picnic

Faithfully Submitted,

Kip Webster

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