Day 19 – December 2, 2009 (Wed): Try a Different Sequence

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Start of Day Twitter Stats: Follow: 112 Followers: 97 Listed: 5

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twitter_power_joel_comm_150Remember @BPOrchestra? A couple of days ago they followed me, I followed back and then they unfollowed me. On Monday I sent them an @ message. As I assumed based on their tweet updates, it took them a day to get back to me. When they did they were very apologetic. They followed again (and I followed back). They even offered me two free tickets. I respectably declined (wouldn’t want the FCC on my case!). But seriously, they are a non-profit, after all, and I am sympathetic to cyber-mistakes, having committed my fair share. But, let’s not dwell on mistakes. Let’s reveal a little gossip.

Remember when I tried to help @ellenfweber with her camera download? Well, she got it to work. I don’t know if it was because of anything I suggested, but it doesn’t matter to me as long as she solved her problem. She was kind enough to thank me for trying to help. I appreciate that. Come to think of it, I probably don’t thank people enough. (At this point I can issue a global “thank-you” to all those people who have helped me through my life’s journey so far – there are a lot of them – but that would be a quite nerdy and insincere escape from years of omission, so I won’t even try.)

Late last night (and after the deadline of yesterday’s post) and into today I did catch up with @Juli_K and got an update on the Digital Rochester FESTIVUS! 2009 event. @markfrisk reminded about it at the last minute, but I couldn’t go anyway given the fact I still hadn’t cracked the script for the presentation at the Strasenburgh Planetarium Friday evening. In the end, FESTIVUS! – at least according to @Juli_K – packed in 500 peeps and she had to park a block away. As Yogi once said, “nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

Since today’s experiment required I try a different sequence, I took my time coming up with it. First, I wanted to know if anyone else had any problems sleeping when there’s a full moon. No bites. Then, figuring I was so close to 100 followers, I decided to try enticing someone to break the century mark – and promptly lost two followers (both marketers no doubt miffed I didn’t follow back). But that experience gave me a great idea. I decided to use the “what’s my purpose here” line. That ended up drawing a comment or two from @mikegastin. His insights and humor refreshed me. Later in the evening, @erichnwise suggested Twitter was good for branding. By that time, however, I decided what I should concentrate on: posting links to articles about the slow decay of the old media (i.e., newspaper layoffs, magazine closings, television cutbacks). Some might consider it morbid, but I feel we sit on the cusp of history, the fulcrum separating what was – an elite media – and what will become – an egalitarian media.

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