Day 29 – December 12, 2009 (Sat): Find Followers on Your New Timeline

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Start of Day Twitter Stats: Follow: 165 Followers: 160 Listed: 10

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twitter_power_joel_comm_150Here we sit with less than 48 hours to go in this experiment. We (my daughters and I) started a new timeline – @MightyMovie, a classic movie quote Twitter account meant to direct followers to my daughter’s classic movie teen review site. Cesidia takes care of the reviews and Catarina takes care of the quotes. I did this most of the day with my daughters. The going was slow at first, but I think I created a monster in Catarina.

And then @mikegastin asks me something that takes me back to my newspaper days:

@ChrisCarosa Did you break the @chrisbrogan story?

Last night, while tooling around on the net and keeping tabs on Twitter, I found myself witness to a bizarre exchange between @chrisbrogan and @chrisvoss regarding some of the latter’s alleged plagiarism of some of the former’s work. It watched with voyeuristic excitement. Then I realized, “hey, why not point this exchange to my followers?” After all, not all of them likely follow either of the two other Chrises.

Apparently, according to @mikegastin, I was the first to do this – at least the first among the people he follows – hence the flashback. During my time as owner/publisher of the Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima Sentinel, the local Chamber of Commerce gave me the nickname “Scoop.” I guess, oh these many years later, I’ve finally earned the moniker. During my interchange with @mikegastin he told me he thought @chrisbrogan would be grateful for my scoop. I innocently responded my doubts as to whether @chrisbrogan monitors my tweets.

A few minutes later, @chrisbrogan responded to me directly with an @ message and then followed me.

What happened next either represents a most amazing coincidence or a confirmation of one of the theories @joelcomm offers in TwitterPower as part of his 30-Day Plan to Dominate Twitter. Early on in the plan, he suggests one catch some big followers. By getting big names to follow you, per Joel, others who scan the list of people they’re following might also follow you. Well, I sort of took that particular day off in this experiment (see Day 7 – November 20, 2009 (Fri): Start Catching Big Followers) and, while I did get some 50,000+ followers that I followed back, I don’t know if they really represent the “Big Fish” Joel referred to. When @joelcomm followed my on Day 26, my followers jumped from 120 to 136. None of those new followers, responding to my question regarding how they found me, indicated @joelcomm as the source.

Today was different. I got a slew of new followers, at least one of whom specifically cited they followed me because @chrisbrogan had just followed me. Let’s see what the totals look like tomorrow.

Finally, Mark correctly pointed out an embarrassing oversight on my part. Despite yesterday’s claim, I do have an RSS feed. It’s in the Nav bar on the right under “Subscribe” and in the box on the right. I’m (justifiably) humiliated, but only slightly. I’m not telling people I’m a tech pro with this stuff. I didn’t see the usual orange symbol at first glance, so that threw me. Trouble is, if the person whose name resides in the URL doesn’t notice where the feeds are, how will the readers know? Well, the astute ones will, of course, but what about the casual readers? @chrisbrogan just posted a blog (“Revisit Your Site Carefully”) that might be very useful to read.

How many followers do you think I’ll have after 30 days? Click here to enter your guess on my Survey Monkey survey “Chris Carosa’s 30-Day Plan to Dominate Twitter Experiment.” There’s no prize, but the fan who guesses the closest correct number the earliest will “win” and I’ll mention you if you want me to.

Find out today’s results on Day 30 – December 13, 2009 (Sun): Have Fun!

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