The Environmental Bond Act – Why People are Voting “No!”

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[This Commentary originally appeared in the November 1, 1990 issue of The Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima Sentinel.]

CarosaCommentaryNewLogo_259(Author’s Note: What follows is a factual review of next Tuesday’s Ballot Box Proposition #1 – the 21st Century Environmental Quality Bond Act. While I try to fairly present both sides of the issue, the reader should be aware that I am co-chairman of People for People and the Environment, a non-partisan grass roots organization which has taken a position in opposition to the Bond Act.)

Last spring, in the days following the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, governor Cuomo and the rest of Albany agreed to offer voters of New York State a choice. Our state government has asked us if we will allow them to borrow nearly $2 billion for Continue Reading “The Environmental Bond Act – Why People are Voting “No!””

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