The Cornucopia Tree

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Once upon a time, there lived a man who owned a very special tree called a “cornucopia tree.” Now, as we all know, the word “cornucopia” comes from the 1270765_38669260_Cornucopia_Tree_royalty_free_stock_xchng_300Latin word meaning “horn of plenty.” Ancient mythology held it as a horn producing an endless supply of food and drink. Traditionally, Americans display a cornucopia at their Thanksgiving table, symbolizing our gratitude for all the Lord has given us.

Well, this cornucopia tree produced everything the man’s family needed to survive. From its branches grew all sorts of food and drink, the wood they needed to build their house and to heat it, as well as the clothes they wore to protect them. One day, the cornucopia produced two identical eggs. The man, now very old, knew what this meant,Continue Reading “The Cornucopia Tree”