Day 5 – November 18, 2009 (Wed): Start Following

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Start of Day Twitter Stats: Follow: 12 Followers: 10 Listed: 0

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twitter_power_joel_comm_150This was the perfect day to start following (for real). The Buffalo Bills unexpected fired coach Dick Jauron and everyone simply wanted to know the inside scoop. I had been aware of Darryl Talley’s presence on Twitter (the newspaper earlier reported he tweeted he wanted to see major changes on One Bills Drive. By fortuitous coincidence, @mikemcbride9, who accidentally followed my twitter account, followed many Buffalo fans, including Hall of Fame running back ex-Buffalo Bill @thurmanthomas. Not much in terms of follow backs (except for a couple of Carosas from yesterday, but I did get to watch some breaking news on Twitter.

How many followers do you think I’ll have after 30 days? Click here to enter your guess on my Survey Monkey survey “Chris Carosa’s 30-Day Plan to Dominate Twitter Experiment.” There’s no prize, but the fan who guesses the closest correct number the earliest will “win” and I’ll mention you if you want me to.

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