February Roundtable Minutes

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In February’s Towpath District Boy Scout Roundtable, we returned to a topic we haven’t covered in three years: the Merit Badge Counselor Orientation. We also had a special presentation on NYLT. Kip Webster was thoughtful enough to take the minutes of the meeting and allow me to post them here. We started with these announcements:

  • Leadership University (3/3/2012) – TLT replaced by Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) (ILSC for Crews).  ILST offered at Leadership University.  Any scout can attend.  Send scouts that will be in a leadership position.  11am – 12pm course for adults on how to deliver this course.  ILST syllabus on national Boy Scout site.
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience – at Philmont.  One week course.  Can find info on Philmont website.
  • Kent Palmer announcement – OA materials.  Check Troop contact info.  Upcoming events – renew dues.  3/9 – 3/11 OA Fellowship.
  • Council Calendar – can recognize Woodbadge, OA, Eagle scouts, other accomplishments.
  • Account to enter services hours – see Dave Cheney.
  • Recharter date to be 12/15, expires 12/30.  Will get a refund due to short charter year (11 months).
  • Six youth spots left for Jamboree Shakedown.  One adult position left too.
  • Silver Beaver nomination due tomorrow.  Unit Award of Merit due at the April Roundtable.  District Award of Merit due at April Roundtable.  Still looking for a Finance Chair at the District level.
  • JTE application for 2011 and 2012 available.
  • OA tapped a new vigil person – Bob Cooper.
  • OA Chapter meetings happening at Roundtable meetings.
  • Eagle Flight applications now online.  Scouts from Massachusetts and Vermont coming.  3/6 is the first meeting, at County Parks building near Highland Park.  Looking for counselors – Let Bob know.
  • MB University – currently 387 scouts signed up for ~800 MBs.  35 Troops signed up.  Still looking for volunteers.  One adult for every ten scouts.  Registration ends on 2/10.  Double check reservations.  There were some double registrations.

Next we had this discussion regarding NYLT:

  • NYLT announcement – brochures handed out.  Courses 1, 2 & 3 in July and August.  Course 4 in October (later deadline for this course).  48 scouts in each course.  Last year had a waiting list.  Fall course designed for older youth that may have summer commitments.  Cost – after May 15 $295.   Before – $250 (same as last year).  $20 discount if going to other Seneca Waterways summer camp.
  • Forms on website for NYLT
  • Nomination form will result in letter from four SPLs.
  • Have scholarship for Troops that haven’t sent a scout in the last five years.  Four Troops will receive one free youth registration for two paid registrations.
  • To make NYLT more relevant, two changes.  1 – NYLT awards – bronze, gold, silver.  Scoutmaster can emphasize the use and sharing of the NYLT skills.  Previous year graduates can do this too.  2 – in graduation packet from last summer, there was a letter for HS counselor to give HS credit to scout.  Previous year graduates can do this too.  If any troubles with this process, refer to Dan.

Finally, we ended with a review of the Merit Badge Counselor Orientation program.

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