New York Governor’s Race: A Corleone Election

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OK, I just watched the debate. Rather, I just listened to the debate. Here’s what I’m convinced of: With all due respect to the minor party candidates, it’s pretty 1947 ink blue family carclear the matter of who will serve as New York State’s next governor comes down to a choice of these two characters:

Sonny Corleone
– or –
Michael Corleone

I guess that would make the sum total of all the candidates Fredo “You’re dead to me” Corleone.

But about the two main characters, the metaphor is so juicy we’ve got to wonder if Coppola isn’t in the wings writing the script. On one hand there’s the crude hot-headed thug whose wild passion constantly gets him in trouble but, in the end, probably will save the thing he holds most dear – the family. On the other hand, there’s ruthless cold calculator who earned his stripes as his father’s hitman and truly believes he knows best even as his lack of passion (or compassion) destroys the thing he holds most dear – his family.

So, which one is more likely to bonk the heads that need to be bonked and which one is naïve enough to try to make a deal with Sheldon Silver?

Unfortunately, the only thing I can safely predict is New York State is likely to wake up the morning after the election and find a horse’s head in its bed.

Who could refuse such an offer?

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