Day 30 – December 13, 2009 (Sun): Have Fun!

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Start of Day Twitter Stats: Follow: 170 Followers: 184 Listed: 9

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twitter_power_joel_comm_150It’s the last day. Where will I end up at midnight tonight?

You might notice a steep jump in followers between yesterday and today. I must attribute it to one thing: @chrisbrogan started following me. The total increase of 24 followers represents more than a 15% increase in followers in one day. Yes, I know we started with a low base, but I can’t discount the significance. I certainly can’t say it had anything to do with what I did yesterday. I was having fun teaching my daughters how to tweet and how to blog. OK, OK, I did get into a few conversations, including the one that led @chrisbrogan to follow.

Also, for the first time since the start of this experiment, I’ve got more followers than people I follow. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it must mean something.

As I near the end of the road in this experiment, I can say I’ve learned a bunch of things. I’ll compile them and present them as separate blogs – bite-sized pieces if you will. Tomorrow I’ll post my preliminary conclusions. They may surprise you. Because I’ve been holding back a vital piece of information from you. It’s a piece of information all good experiments require.

How many followers do you think I’ll have after 30 days? Click here to enter your guess on my Survey Monkey survey “Chris Carosa’s 30-Day Plan to Dominate Twitter Experiment.” There’s no prize, but the fan who guesses the closest correct number the earliest will “win” and I’ll mention you if you want me to.

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