Day 15 – November 28, 2009 (Sat): Post a Link Tweet

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Start of Day Twitter Stats: Follow: 98 Followers: 77 Listed: 5

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twitter_power_joel_comm_150To be honest, I’ve been posting links for awhile. But I did one again, first thing in the morning. I posted a link to this experiment and the Survey Monkey survey. I can’t say anyone responded to the former. I can definitively say no one responded to the latter. Well, at least I can so nobody voted.

Then I left the Twitterverse to work on the final script for the official Top Ten Countdown Awards Show scheduled for this coming Friday night. As a result, I didn’t do much to add to the experiment. I did accelerate the experiment through “off-Twitter” marketing by creating a discussion in a couple of LinkedIn groups I belong to.

How many followers do you think I’ll have after 30 days? Click here to enter your guess on my Survey Monkey survey “Chris Carosa’s 30-Day Plan to Dominate Twitter Experiment.” There’s no prize, but the fan who guesses the closest correct number the earliest will “win” and I’ll mention you if you want me to.

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