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Why “Is” Chris Carosa?

Chris Carosa’s writing career allegedly began in first grade when Mrs. Jackson chose to read only his story in front of the entire class. Herbie the Helicopter’s 10-page tale (don’t get too impressed, each page only contained one short sentence dwarfed by a crayon colored illustration – it was just first grade after all) wove a simple story of a sad, lonely whirlybird who ultimately saves the day. Oddly enough, at the time of writing this babysitter blockbuster, the young Mr. Carosa felt neither sad nor lonely and, at least according to his parents, hardly made his own bed let alone saved anybody’s day. Still, the realism of the six-year-old’s fictional adventure thrilled his classmates (the girls liked the touching emotion, while the boys savored the explosive action). To this very day (yes, this day, the one on your calendar), the compelling and dynamic “little engine that could” theme permeates the writing, the speaking and the character of an older (if not wiser) Mr. Carosa.

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