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Jambo Journal – Day #8, Sunday, August 1, 2010 A Day of Rest.

Yesterday’s entry: How to Lose 75,000 Votes in Ninety Seconds.

I thought the last time I’d be 397709_6500_cheese_plate_stock_xchng_royalty_freewearing this particular Jamboree Class A uniform (I have two) was last night. When I realize we have to walk back to the same arena we came from last night to go to the Catholic Mass, I decide God doesn’t care if I smell. He’d understand my desire to keep one clean shirt for the ride home.

Though early in the morning, the shade of the trees cannot hide the growing heat of the day. The undulating trail, with its extended inclines, makes the trek hard work. I realize I made an unfortunate choice to wear an undershirt (I didn’t the night before). When I get to the arena I’m spent. I’m also amazed. There’s about 15,000 people. I wonder how they’re all going to get communion.

Then God shows his grace. As the Mass starts, I notice the backs of the neckerchiefs in the troop directly in front of us. There’s a Star Trek emblem on them. This is the troop from the Hawkeye Area Council in Riverside, Iowa – the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk (in case you didn’t read yesterday’s post). This is the troop of the elusive Star Trek patch. During the long wait for communion to finish, I speak to the Scoutmaster and find their location. I pass on this information.

We spend most of the day resting. It’s a sweaty half-hour hike back from Mass. When I get back to camp I immediately strip my shirt and shoes off and recline in the shade with my trusty bottle of water. Most of the other adult leaders are doing the same. We ask our Scoutmaster if he’s interested in the challenge of walking to the other end of camp to procure these patches for us. He’s interested and we pump him full of all the data he needs.

Towards the end of night, each quartermaster from all the contingent’s troops come to meet our Scoutmaster to discuss departure plans. They tentatively agree to camp under the stars. As I’m writing this blog, I switch to weather.com and I remind them there’s a 20% chance of rain Tuesday evening. They agree to keep an eye on the weather situation.

Patch trading then heats up. This is adult patch trading. Earlier in the day, the Scoutmaster and the 1st Assistant Scoutmaster trade for guitar patches. These patches feature several different types of guitars. What’s more, they include the sounds of each type of guitar – sort of like those birthday cards you can buy that play a sound or a song when you open it.

The trading dies down only because we remember Troop 314 has invited us and the rest of the adult leaders from the contingent to a cracker barrel. We go there and guess what we find – Cheez Whiz (or whatever they’re calling it these days). We consume heartily and talk enthusiastically of this Jamboree and the next one in three years. We all want to return. The success of the Jamboree in the faces of the boys inspires us. The boys are loving it and experiencing things they won’t easily experience elsewhere. That’s really what it’s all about. It’s a great experience and we all love being a part of it.

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow’s Exciting Journal Entry: The Virgin Trader.

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