Ronald Wilson Reagan: The Real Man of the Decade

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[This Commentary originally appeared in the January 4, 1990 issue of The Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima Sentinel.]

CarosaCommentaryNewLogo_259(We interrupt our regularly scheduled Commentary Coming of Age in the ‘80s: Part I to bring you this special reaction to Time Magazine’s declaration that Mikhail Gorbachev is the “Man of the Decade.” Portion of this piece will be neatly mailed to the “Letters-to-the-Editor” section of Time. We’ll keep you posted.)

The fourth estate has a very special role in any free society. Unattached to any governing body, it plays a vital part in the system of checks and balances between the three branches of government. Because of the blurry line separating the news media from entertainment, reporters enjoy the same poetic license of artists. This creativity allows them to report in a colorful – and somewhat Continue Reading “Ronald Wilson Reagan: The Real Man of the Decade”